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Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan

Recreation has the potential to meet the needs of our growing Province and address social and economic challenges such as increases in obesity and sedentary behavior, inequities that limit participation, the social isolation experienced by young people in Saskatchewan’s small towns, reserves and northern communities, and the need for renewed recreation infrastructure in the Province. These issues matter to the people of Saskatchewan and as our survey revealed the personal and community benefits of parks and recreation are leading factors by which people in Saskatchewan measure and assess their happiness and quality of life.

Research Summary

The Research Summary highlights the impact of recreation across Saskatchewan, how recreation connects people with nature, access and use of programs, facilities and environments, and the condition of recreation environments and facilities. 

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Detailed Report

The complete 114-page survey document.

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Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of this survey was to develop and establish a baseline of provincial research that would capture public perceptions on the contributions that parks and recreation make toward community vibrancy and attractiveness, as well as the overall quality of life in Saskatchewan.

This survey aligns with objectives set out in our 2014-2019 Strategic Plan and Recreation Sector Public Relations Strategy. It forms the foundation for long-term research that will continue to demonstrate the benefits of the recreation sector to communities in Saskatchewan.

We intend to share this information and use it to inform the public and key decision-makers, including elected officials, of the connection between recreation and quality of life, provide valuable evidence to support strategic communications and public relations activities, and to influence decision-making at the municipal and provincial level.

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