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Why Do We Collect Photos and Videos?

We collect photos and videos of parks and recreation people, places and events that have a connection to us and our industry to support our advocacy efforts for the recreation and parks industry in Saskatchewan and across Canada. These photos are gathered and stored for permanent or limited use in our Image Bank. 

Photos in our Image Bank are often posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and are used in marketing and communications materials that we distribute.  All persons appearing in these photos have given their expressed permission to the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) by filling out our Photo Release Form. Videos recorded may be uploaded to our Facebook page, YouTube channel, or utilized elsewhere for marketing and promotional purposes.

Download and Complete the Release Form

If you are hosting an event, and would like your pictures used in future SPRA communications materials, please download and sign our Photo Release form, and then send it to

Photo Release Form: Download (PDF)
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