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An Action Plan for Canada's Parks

Parks for All is an action plan that brings together parks professionals, their many partners, and engaged citizens under the shared goals of healthy nature and healthy people, so that we can align our efforts and achieve more together. It was initiated and supported by a partnership between the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) and the Canadian Parks Council (CPC). Specific actions, priorities and strategic directions come directly from the outcomes of extensive collaboration by many individuals and organizations.  

Connecting Canadians with Nature: An Investment in the Well-Being of Our Citizens and A Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 – Pathways to Wellbeing are the two documents that motivated this work. Parks for All strategically aligns with, and complements, the five goals of the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 - primarily in relation to Goal 3 “Connecting People and Nature”.

In June 2018, Parks for All was officially endorsed by almost all Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for parks, protected areas, conservation, wildlife and biodiversity.  Collaboration is central to the Parks for All vision. The development of shared goals, mutual respect, and collective action depends on successful collaboration. The goal is to create more opportunities to work together—to share our strengths across the parks continuum.

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Parks For All: An Action Plan for Canada's Parks - Download (PDF) 

Parks For All: Action Planner - Download (PDF)

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