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What is a Recreation Board?

The Recreation Board is appointed by the Chief and Council. A Recreation Board may consist of the number of members stated in the Bylaws which in most cases is five to nine members.  For voting purposes boards, should have an odd number of members. Bylaws will state the maximum and minimum number of members.

Generally the Board is made up of one member from each committee.  Working cooperatively with the Chief and Council, and the community as a whole, the Board provides direction to the Recreation Program in delivering program objectives.

What does the Recreation Board do?

Under the direction of the Recreation Board, the Recreation Program is responsible for developing and implementing age-appropriate recreational programs for the community.

The Recreation Program works in partnership with other committees and local community programs to maximize the success of organized events. The Recreation Program is also responsible for overseeing the coordination of annual community events.

Organized recreational sports and tournaments are coordinated regularly by the Recreation Director.

Read SPRA's First Nations Recreation Board Development Manual to learn how you can develop a recreation board in your community.