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SPRA is the recognized voice of parks and recreation in Saskatchewan. We provide a variety of tools and resources designed to improve the effectiveness and empower your community's advocacy efforts.

We need the help and support of communities, our members, and government officials to create more awareness of the critical role that recreation and parks play in the wellbeing of our Province and our country.

Together, we can increase public support and funding for recreation and parks in every community!

Our Recreation Sector Public Relations Strategy is driven by four key aims:

  1. Establish and strengthen the recreation sector as a valued contributor and bridge builder in social and economic development;

  2. Secure a position of influence to public agendas and allocation of public resources;

  3. Build and reinforce pride for practitioners and volunteers in the sector; and,

  4. Increase recognition and strengthen public support for recreation services and infrastructure

Our Public Relations Strategy is designed to support the SPRA Strategic Plan and the National Recreation Framework.