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Parks and recreation benefit everyone! 

Strengthening families, building healthy communities, improving quality of life and supporting the healthy development of children - these are just some of the many ways parks and recreation makes a difference!

Our Parks and Recreation Fact Sheet outlines the key evidence supporting the important work we do!

Benefits Fact Sheets

These fact sheets give you the evidence to advocate for recreation, parks and physical activity. Use the Benefits Fact Sheets below to improve and empower your advocacy efforts.

After School Recreation


Parks and Mental Health

Physical Activity in Schools

Looking for more?

Check out our Did You Know? sheets that provide fast facts and data about the Benefits of Recreation.

The National Benefits Hub is available online!

The National Benefits Hub has replaced the print version of the Benefits Catalogue, allowing:

  • Improved online access
  • Up-to-date information
  • Enhanced search options to find the information you need

Advocate the benefits of parks and recreation with this invaluable resource - Use it to aid policy development, planning, marketing, program/service development and/or evaluation.