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We've partnered with the Saskatchewan Association for Community Education (SACE) to enhance youth leadership in the Province. 

This project will see recreation programs such as Take the Lead!, HIGH FIVE, Play Leadership and Youth Fitness Leadership offered as a continuum for Community Education directed towards youth.  Community Education is defined as “schools and communities working together, utilizing their common resources to promote learning and citizenship building.”

Optimally, youth will be better equipped with the tools, resources and knowledge to: increase positive and decrease negative behavior, improve their student success, increase their employability as adults and improve overall well-being (National Recreation and Park Association, 2010).  Providing youth with positive leadership opportunities at a young age will increase their potential for volunteerism, thus contributing to the overall wellbeing of their community (Mclaughlin, 2000).

Further, the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan supports the Comprehensive School Community Health Approach which is a leading model for education internationally.  One of the proponents of this model is Community Engagement, and another is Safe and Healthy Physical and Social Environments.  Through this project schools will enact Community Engagement, and the programs (HIGH FIVE, Play Leadership, Take the Lead!, Youth Fitness Leadership) are useful in creating the Safe and Healthy Physical and Social Environments. 

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If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, please contact: 

Kelsey Michaluk
SPRA Consultant - Youth Engagement
Phone: (306) 780-9219

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