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Saskatchewan has close to 5 million acres of parkland across the province, including 2 national parks, 35 provincial parks, 90 regional parks, and 7 urban parks. The Province's residents and tourists can enjoy the forest and prairie trails, uncrowded beaches, spacious campsites, scenic golf courses and other recreational opportunities offered in our natural environment.

Parks Canada - National Parks

Saskatchewan's national parks, Prince Albert National Park of Canada and Grassland National Park of Canada, offer two different environments. Prince Albert National Park showcases the boreal forest. On the other end, is the untamed prairie and badlands of the Grassland National Park.

Saskatchewan Parks - Provincial Parks 

Saskatchewan has 34 provincial parks representing four purposes: wilderness, recreational, natural environment and historic parks. Each park showcases specific natural features and offers a range of recreation and education opportunities. The levels of service vary with each provincial park. The more developed parks offer resort accommodation and rental cabins along with a range of camping services and recreational activities. 

Regional Parks of Saskatchewan - Regional Parks

101 regional parks can be found throughout Saskatchewan. The regional parks have been established by communities and municipalities to offer various camping and recreation experiences. They are sure to meet your outdoor needs by offering opportunities like boating, fishing, hiking, camping, swimming, and golfing. Saskatchewan's Regional Parks are an inexpensive, fun-filled way to enjoy the great outdoors!

Association of Saskatchewan Urban Parks and Conservation Agencies - Urban Parks

Saskatchewan's urban parks make their home in many beautiful cities. Urban parks can be found in Swift Current, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Regina, Weyburn, North Battleford and Prince Albert. Each of these cities has created recreational areas, while maintaining the natural environment of their community.