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In the fall of 2008, Saskatoon Public School Division partnered with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) to create and implement a locally developed option. The initial vision of the class was to educate and promote active living for a lifetime by allowing students to learn more about their own health and wellness. Secondly, a goal was to explore and experience the fitness industry in the community. Thirdly, by partnering with SPRA, students had opportunity to initiate the certification process as a Fitness Leader within the community and earn entry positions within the fitness industry in the Province. Across the country, innovative programs are being developed and implemented to better meet the interests and needs of our youth in the area of physical education, health promotion and active living. In many provinces, education, health and recreation are working together to create opportunities for youth to learn and explore their own fitness interests, within a practical program, that feeds directly into a variety of career opportunities in the fitness, health and wellness industry.

The target group for this course is any grade 11 and 12 student who is interested in fitness and want an alternate physical education class or for those students who enjoy and have taken the grade 11 and 12 credit classes and want another opportunity and challenge to gain an additional credit while remaining active.

The intent of Active Living and Fitness Leadership 20 and 30:

1. Educate and Promote Active Living for a Lifetime: This course will provide students who are interested in active living, leadership and non-traditional/non-competitive forms of physical activity an opportunity to remain active and to participate in a variety of individual and group fitness experiences. This course allows students to learn more about and focus on their own health and wellness, as well as providing an opportunity to promote and encourage lifelong healthy active lifestyles. 2. Career Exploration: This course is an opportunity to survey and participate in fitness programming and the fitness industry for career exploration. This course will provide opportunity for students to inquire about, understand and prepare for possible careers within the fitness industry. As well, students can research job requirements, plan for and develop these qualifications.

The focus is on individual health and wellness and to promote and encourage healthy, active lifestyles for a lifetime. Benefits to the students include the opportunity for additional credits outside of PE 20 and 30 and the opportunity to become certified as Fitness Leaders within the community.

How to Implement this Locally Developed Course

1. Contact Saskatoon Public Schools (Curriculum and Instruction) and request to see the Active Living and Fitness Leadership 20 and 30 Locally Developed Options. Contact Wendy James by email at or by telephone at (306) 683-8439

2. Through your school division, you need to submit a Form D and/or Form D-1 which can be found here.

Once you read through this, you can decide to adopt (take the work fully and implement) or adapt (you will then need to outlined your adaptations as outlined in Form D-1). Active Living and Fitness Leadership 20/30 Sharing Package 3. 

3. After Form D is submitted and approved, you will need to submit a more detailed Form D-1 if you are adapting the document or Form D-2 (please ask your school division for this form) if you adopt.

4. Timeline for submission: Form D submission is due March 1 Form D-1 submission is due May 1 For questions regarding the course content, please contact Tammy Girolami ( or the SPRA Fitness Division (

For more information, read the complete Active Living and Fitness Leadership 20 and 30 Sharing and Implementation Plan.