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Order Your Log Books for the 2018-19 Season

Winter is fast approaching. It is time to order your 2018-19 arena log books. The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association produces three log books to help communities be prepared: Compressor Log Book, Ice Thickness Log Book and the Ice Resurfacer Logo Book. 

Compressor logs are required by provincial regulations. The logs are bound to be tamper proof and retained for future reference. The Compressor Log Book will make sure you are in compliance with provincial regulations. Also, the Compressor Log Book has been expanded from 135 to 200 pages to assist you getting through the entire winter season with one log book.

The Ice Thickness Log Book is a notable Best Practices for arenas. If you don’t know how thick your ice is, then you are literally skating on thin ice. Take and record your ice thickness test regularly to avoid an unfortunate incident. Taking ice measurements and doing proper ice maintenance will ensure you are proactively managing your risk and making public safety a top priority.

The Ice Resurfacer Log Book should be part of your preventative maintenance program. There is nothing worse than having an ice resurfacer problem during a flood when the problem could have identified and corrected by regularly completing a complete vehicle inspection. 


We offer these log books at an affordable price to encourage their use in the field -- $45 each or $42 when you order 3 or more.

To Order

Download the order form and return it via Fax to (306) 780–9257, email to, or mail to:

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
#100 - 1445 Park Street
Regina SK
S4N 4C5

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

For More Information

Contact your SPRA Field Consultant or contact the SPRA Office at 1-800-563-2555.