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Field Consultants are a Reference and a Resource for Communities and Members

With seven office locations across the province, SPRA Field Consultants can assist you and your community in building capacity and raising the profile of recreation and parks in Saskatchewan, with an emphasis on the following priorities:

  • Volunteer and Board Support
  • Communication and Information Sharing
  • Recreation Environments – Facilities
  • Funding and Resources
  • Physical Activity

How can they help?

SPRA Field Consultants can:

  • Assist communities in assessing their needs
  • Provide information on SPRA funding, programs and resources
  • Identify linkages to other sources of funding and revenue generation
  • Assist with networking, collaborations and partnerships
  • Support advocacy of parks and recreation

Making a Difference in Your Community

“I really enjoyed having the personal visit with our SPRA Field Consultant, their enthusiasm for Recre­ation has re-energized me and has sparked a renewed interest in looking at programs that could benefit our community!”

“[Our Field Consultant] has created and succeeded with the opportunity to unify many of us recreationdirectors. Before he was a Field Consultant, we were not the tight knit group of resources we are today.”

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