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SPRA’s Take the Lead!® training materials have been officially endorsed by Physical Health Education (PHE) Canada, a national association dedicated to advancing quality health and physical education opportunities and healthy learning environments for youth. 

In 2016, we engaged PHE Canada to review and revise our Take the Lead!® manuals to ensure they are high quality, current, and meet the needs of youth in Saskatchewan. Improvements and revisions that have been made to the Take the Lead! manuals include (but are not limited to):

  • More content on Physical Literacy, Fundamental Movement Skills, and holistic wellness
  • Increase in presence of cultural elements including Indigenous ways of knowing and understanding
  • Inclusion of more activities suitable for small and large group sizes
  • Emphasis on the benefits of outdoor play and option to lead activities outdoors
  • Re-organization of the training modules to increase ease in facilitation of Youth Leader training
  • Presence of content related to group management and creating inclusive environments that foster participation among groups of all abilities

PHE Canada officially endorsed the updated Take the Lead!® content and materials in late 2018, saying that “the resource supports the aim and philosophy of [the] Health Education and Physical Education curriculum, is written clearly and would be applicable in the majority of recreational spaces.”

Contact us for more information about Take the Lead!® and our updated training materials.