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SPRA has teamed up with the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) to help create the Saskatchewan Social Enterprise HUB (SEH). The hub is a collective of non-profit organizations that have come together in partnership to nurture social enterprise growth in Saskatchewan. We feel strongly about the social enterprise model as an effective option to support community wellbeing and sustainability. These enterprises often provide services that would not otherwise exist and can play a significant role in addressing gaps locally and regionally. 

Check it out: Saskatchewan Social Enterprise Hub  

As part of this work, the SEH is collecting information about the current Social Enterprise landscape in Saskatchewan. We know there are many businesses, not-for-profits, cooperatives and charitable agencies doing social enterprise work. We want to pull everyone together to build a strong community.  

If you are operating a social enterprise, or are considering it, please take a couple of minutes to answer our short survey on the homepage of the website linked above. 

If you are looking for additional information, contact the team at

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