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In recognition of SPRA’s provincial coordination of Forever... in motion, the COVID – 19 pandemic, and the unique nature of this program being offered in a variety of facilities, it will be up to each local organization offering Forever…in motion programming to determine its availability and re-launch dates.

The recommendation from the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is that vulnerable individuals, such as seniors and those with underlying health conditions, should continue to use caution. It is necessary that when the Forever…in motion program is made available, local organizations and program coordinators comply with public health orders, requirements and guidelines to reduce risk and liability. Continue to check the Government of Saskatchewan’s website regularly for updates and provincially sanctioned re-open dates. 

 The importance of fitness and physical activity was highlighted in the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan –“opening gyms and fitness facilities promotes physical and mental wellness.” As an added resource, we encourage you to review the Government of Saskatchewan's Gyms and Fitness Facilities Guidelines released in Phase 3.  

Forever…in motion is aimed towards getting older adults more active and is a valuable program contributing to physical health, mental wellness and social connection. 

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