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We Invite You to Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month in June 2023

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) invites all Saskatchewan communities, First Nations and Lottery-funded organizations to recognize Parks and Recreation Month this June! Designating June as Parks and Recreation Month is one small way to celebrate the benefits we get from parks and outdoor recreation spaces. 

Please download and sign the Invitation to Celebrate, send it back to us by email, and share the key messages you see below, signifying that your community or organization supports Parks and Recreation Month!

Here’s just a sample of what we would like you to celebrate:

  • The Sask Lotteries-funded parks and recreation delivery system provides thousands of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • Parks are the heart of our communities in summer. They host our farmer’s markets, festivals, picnics, disc golf tournaments, celebrations of Pride and Indigenous peoples. 
  • Parks are good for your health! Doctors across Canada are writing park prescriptions to alleviate mental and physical illness.
  • Participation in recreation strengthens volunteer networks, builds community pride, and engages residents in community development.
  • Parks and recreation opportunities attract new residents and businesses to our neighbourhoods, enhance property values, and increase tourism.
  • Sustained investment in parks and recreation programs reduces the costs of healthcare and social services for governments, municipalities, and employers. 
  • Our parks, trails and open spaces maintain clean air and water, ensure ecological sustainability, and preserve plant and animal biodiversity while providing opportunities to experience nature.
  • Ancestral and contemporary Treaty relationships allow us to enjoy recreational pursuits on the lands we share, which are deeply rooted in traditional and cultural significance.

Please return your signed copy of the celebration invite to:
Christian Bates-Hardy
Communications Consultant
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

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