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Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership is excited to partner with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and Imagine Canada on the Boland Survey.

The Boland Survey is the only comprehensive source for nonprofit compensation and human resources data in Canada. It has compensation information for 96 positions as well as data on flex time, on-boarding, paid time off, professional development practices, employee recognition and recruitment practices. Organizations have used the Boland Survey to make informed comparisons and predictions on salary and human resource practices for the past 25 years. With inflation and changing employee needs and work practices, data from the Boland Report is more important than ever for organizations looking to hire and retain staff.

Participating in the Boland Survey takes 1-3 hours and helps the Boland Survey provide better data for the nonprofit sector. Participants also receive a discount for their participation. Rates for a Boland subscription are based on organization size. Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership has also secured a discount for its members, simply enter SaskNP2023! on the payment page for an additional 10% off. Members that use the code will also get a custom report with data from Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership members.

The Boland Survey is open from March 1 to April 30, with reports coming out in June.

Subscribe to the Boland Survey, see sample reports and find out more information here:

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