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The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) has created this FAQ based on questions we receive on a regular basis from members regarding the Government of Saskatchewan’s Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan. The intention is to provide members with easy-to-access information that has been approved by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). The content of this FAQ is not meant to replace information made available by the provincial government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For up-to-date information and guidelines regarding current public health orders, please visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for information related to COVID-19 at Public health officials continue to reassess the national and provincial public health risks based on the best available evidence as the situation evolves. Any new measures and information on COVID-19 will be continually updated on Government of Saskatchewan website. 

Golf Courses 

Q. Are driving ranges allowed to open? 

Yes, according to recent updates to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, driving ranges are permitted to open. The following information has been provided in the Plan:  
Driving ranges and practice putting/chipping greens can open if physical distancing (minimum of two metres) is maintained. Range balls must be cleaned and disinfected between customers. For the practice putting/chipping greens, flags must remain in place and measures must be taken to prevent the ball from dropping in the hole. This may include such measures as levelling the cup, elevating the cup or installing a touch-free ball removal mechanism. 

Q: What are the allowances for food and beverages at golf courses? Are they not allowed at all or is curbside pick-up/delivery of food and beverages sold by the golf course allowed? 

According to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, all food and beverage services are suspended, except for pick-up or delivery. Drink/snack carts may not operate. 


Q. Are out of province campers allowed to book campsites?  

No. The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan states that only Saskatchewan residents will be allowed to camp in Saskatchewan provincial parks.  
Q: Are bathroom facilities permitted to open in campgrounds? 

According to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, if access to bathroom facilities is required, enhanced sanitization protocols must be followed and the frequency with which bathrooms are cleaned must be increased. Washroom access will be limited to one household at a time. Campers must be encouraged to use bathroom facilities in their trailers or recreational vehicles, avoiding public bathrooms if possible. 

Workplaces & Staffing 

Q: What is an “allowable business”?

An allowable business is a business that has been allowed to continue (or resume) operations by the Government of Saskatchewan. Many businesses have been restricted from public-facing operations, though some are scheduled to open in Phases 3 and 4 of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan. Click here to access an updated (May 11, 2020) list of allowable business services. 
Q: Is there a limit on the amount of people who can be in a workplace? 

According to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, workplaces are exempt from the restriction on indoor and outdoor gatherings of 10 or more people. However, two-metre distancing between individuals should still be maintained. If this is not possible, other measures should be used, such as self-monitoring of personal health or supervision by Infection Prevention and Control or Occupational Health and Safety staff in the workplace. 
Q: Can we accept cash, or should we only accept credit and debit cards for payment?  

Although the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan states that customers should be encouraged to use credit or debit cards for payment, there is no stipulation that cash cannot be accepted. If an employee does handle cash, they should practice proper hand hygiene. When hands are not visibly soiled and between customer interactions, alcohol-based hand sanitizers approved by Health Canada (DIN or NPN numbers) can be used. Employees should wash their hands with soap and water when hands are visibly soiled, before and after any breaks, at the beginning and end of their shift and before handling food.  
Q: Do staff need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and masks? 

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, most workers in non-healthcare settings will not require PPE for protection against the COVID-19 virus unless they are in situations like health care workers. Non-PPE controls should be put in place by employers as much as possible. If you’d like more information on the use of PPE for employers, click here.  

Fitness Centres/Classes 

Q: What are the cleaning requirements/guidelines for fitness centers and equipment when they open in Phase 3? 

See the Government of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Facilities for more information. 

Public Washrooms 

Q: What are the procedures/expectations in regards public washrooms/shower facilities for June 1?  

Increased cleaning and disinfection must take place. See the Government of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Facilities for more information.  

Cleaning and Disinfecting  

Q: Are there best practices for cleaning and disinfecting facilities and workplaces?

The Government of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Facilities details procedures for keeping your public facilities clean and reducing the spread of COVID-19. This document includes information on how to make a disinfecting solution.  

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