Fitness Leadership

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+) Forms

For additional information on the administration of the PAR-Q+, read this overview.

Visit the Par-Q and ePARMed-X+ website for more options. 

Application for Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Are you unsure how many CECs your course is worth?  For more information on CECs and upcoming courses, please click here.

Practical Hours Verification Form 

One of the requirements for certification renewals is to have taught 20 teaching hours. Download the verification form here.

Transfer Application

Are you moving from another province and want to transfer your certification to SPRA? Or are you currently certified with the YMCA and would like to become SPRA Certified?

Complete the Certification Transfer Application and send in the required information to certify as a SPRA Fitness Leader.

Inactive Leaders Status Form

The Inactive Leaders Status is good for one year and begins in January of the inactive year. Leaders may apply for an Inactive Leaders Status under the following circumstances:

  • Leaders will be out of the country and not leading fitness classes
  • Leaders will be within Canada but will not be teaching fitness classes for a one year period due to sick leave, injury, maternity, work or education leave.

In place of the annual certification fee, a $50.00 Inactive Leaders Status Fee will be charged so that Leaders will maintain all of the benefits of certification, including access to the Fitness Focus newsletter and the Resource Centre for Sport Culture and Recreation.

Leaders under Inactive status will not be covered under the SPRA Fitness Leaders Liability Insurance. New Leaders will not be eligible for Inactive Status until after their first year of certification is complete. 

If a Leader wants to return from Inactive Status during the same year, they may do so by paying a $35 Certification/Insurance Activation Fee.

Fitness Leadership Certification Inactive Status Application Download 
Fitness Leadership Certification Early Return From Inactive Status Application Download 

Certification Form for New Fitness Leaders

The Certification Form for New Fitness Leaders is for those who have just completed their Practical Evaluations and need to know what to send to the SPRA office.

If you were previously certified with us and your certification has lapsed, contact the SPRA Office at 1-800-563-2555 or email

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