Exercise Theory Study Guide

An Exercise Theory Study Guide is available for purchase from SPRA.  This study guide is based on the Exercise Theory Performance Standards and required knowledge as outlined by the National Fitness Alliance (NFLA). This is a full color, 132 page guide corresponding with the Exercise Theory Manual utilized in the course. It Includes short answer, fill in the blank, matching and common stretches and resistance exercises to enhance your learning.

Cost: $35 + GST.  

To Purchase: please call SPRA toll-free at 1-800-563-2555.

This guide may also be borrowed from the SPRA Resource Centre.

Free Study Guide

To help you with the exam, we have also developed a free, 8-page SPRA Study Guide. The Study Guide covers Exercise Theory exam topics as well as sample questions. Click on the link below to download the Study Guide. 

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