Qu'Appelle is a Community in Bloom!

The Town of Qu’Appelle, SK has been involved with the Communities in Bloom program for almost 10 years. They're one of the many participants that have been part of the program since SPRA began offering it in 1997. 

We're so proud of our CiB participants, like the Town of Qu'Appelle, and their efforts to enhance their Communities. According to their Facebook Page, Qu’Appelle Communities in Bloom’s purpose is to:

“Bring our town together as a community, to work towards beautifying Qu'Appelle and making it a wonderfully beautiful place to live!”

Qu’Appelle Communities in Bloom doesn’t stop at beautification: they're hosting a Fish Fry and Cabaret fundraiser on October 5, which will support their local CiB efforts, as well as the local daycare and SCC. They also partnered with the local hockey team to coordinate a bottle drive and support recreation in the community.

Jo Walsh Laflamme with Qu’Appelle Communities in Bloom was nice enough to send us an update on their activities this summer. Check it out below: 

“Hi SPRA! My name is Jo, and I'm with Qu'Appelle CiB. I thought I'd send you a few pics and updates on what we've been up to this summer. We built doggie poop bag stations and set them up around town for everyone to use (15 in total). We landscaped with bricks and stone in front of our local library. We added a bench out front of the local HUB Insurance, and worked alongside our local nursery to make it look beautiful. We had a Bird and Bat House Build Day, where people of all ages came out and built their own houses, all supplies provided by our group.

We have also been working hard on our Train Bridge Project to make the main south entrance to our town, look beautiful. It started with scraping and cleaning curbs, then painting them white, then landscaping and adding wood flower barrels and filling them with flowers. We're still working on more in this area, and hope to have it all complete by summer 2020.

We did a 3 hour Garbage Clean-up Day, where we picked garbage from our information booth, out along highway 1 to the main highway (the main entrance to town). We had a bottle drive a few weeks back and are hosting a CiB Fish Fry and Cabaret Fundraiser on Oct 5th at our Lion's Hall (poster attached). We dug up a lost flower bed in front of our local school and collected donated flowers and plants to bring it back to life.

Alongside Wolseley, Indian Head and Fort Qu'Appelle, we all planted a tree to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Communities in Bloom where we invited the local kids from our daycare, to help us plant it.

We're very excited about our future plans to have a pollinator park, a pollinator garden and start the process of building a pathway from our information booth out to Creekside Gardens (which may have either a sponsored tree program along the way or a survivor garden - we're still working out details on this). We hope you like what we've done and we are looking forward to the future!

Thank you.


"Thank you!" to the local volunteers and supporters in Qu'Appelle that are working to make CiB possible! It's great to see the impact that Communities in Bloom is having in communities across Saskatchewan.  

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association is the provincial coordinator of Communities in Bloom in Saskatchewan. You can learn more about Communities in Bloom on our website or by contacting me for more information.