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In 2014, SPRA and our partner, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, embarked on the creation of a guide for municipalities to facilitate collaboration between municipalities to provide recreation services. We hired HJ Linnen and Associates to do the research and create the guide, which debuted at 2015 SUMA Convention, and are pleased to present it to our membership and the public.

Inter-Municipal Collaboration in Recreation - A Guide for Municipalities in a Growing Province

This guide is based on the premise that communities take the initiative for collaboration in recreation services, and that municipalities facilitate and lead this process.

To support you in this process, the Guide is designed in the following way:

In Sections 1 and 2, initial information provides the rationale to help understand the need for collaboration. The purpose is to provide you with assistance when framing your case to municipal leaders and community stakeholders.

In Sections 3 and 4, a framework is presented for understanding the components of collaboration. The goal is to provide you with a practical approach for developing and using collaboration for a recreation initiative.

Click here to download the complete guide.