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Saskatchewan’s population is more culturally diverse than ever before.

Saskatchewan has experienced a significant demographic shift in its population over the past ten years and all indications show that this trend will continue. Two major trends are contributing to a more culturally diverse population:

  • The continued growth of the First Nations and Metis youth demographic
  • Increased immigration

Non-profit organizations that reassess, rethink and revamp their policies and strategies to ensure that they offer the most inclusive programs and services, will engage their increasingly diverse members, participants and volunteers and remain sustainable for years to come.

Is your organization ready to meet the needs of new demographics and a changing province? 

How does growing diversity impact you?

In 2013, the Tri-Global Organizations- The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, SaskCulture and Sask Sport Inc., contracted McNair Business Development to collect data that would provide the sport, culture and recreation sectors with current information that would help to assess Saskatchewan’s evolving demographics.

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