2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card - A Call To Action for Recreation and Sport

Today marks the release of the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC), which for the first time includes a chapter dedicated to assessing the state of municipal sport and recreation infrastructure in Canada.This dedicated chapter demonstrates the leadership and contributions of the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA). 
The results of the 2016 Report Card reinforce the message that our sector has been delivering for years: sport and recreation infrastructure is at risk of rapid deterioration unless an immediate and significant investment is made. 

Key Findings
  • The Report Card demonstrates that Canada's infrastructure, including sport and recreation facilities, is at risk of rapid deterioration unless there is immediate investment.
  • Almost 1 in 2 sport and recreation facilities are in 'very poor', 'poor' or 'fair' condition and are in need of repair or replacement.
  • In comparison to other municipal infrastructure assessed in the Report Card, sport and recreation facilities were in the worst state and require immediate attention.
Call to Action  
The Report Card provides a valuable snapshot of the current state of sport and recreation infrastructure in Canada. CPRA views the Report Card as a 'Call to Action' and will be meeting with federal decision makers to discuss immediate solutions to this acute situation.

We encourage you to utilize the findings in the Report Card to continue to educate and inform decision makers about the critical need for immediate investments in sport and recreation infrastructure, and the value they add to the quality of life in your community.

Further Reading